Podium XS Rack


The Podium XS is an attractive piece of furniture that will grace any room. As the name suggests, it's the perfect choice for smaller rooms or where space is limited. In fact, its been specially designed to fit Cyrus or similar sized hi-fi equipment.

Although this is our smallest Podium hi-fi rack, it is manufactured in the same way as its larger cousins. This Hi Fi rack is sturdily built in the finest solid hardwoods with each piece being individually handmade in our workshop.

Sharing many of the same feature as the Podium Reference, including its 40mm solid hardwood plinths and matching 46mm2 legs, its high tensile strength adds density and absorbs vibration.



Manufactured from solid 40mm hardwood staves for every tier, this provides stiffness and stability, this density in the Hi Fi Rack allows absorb vibration through equipment. Each board is constructed convex concave contributing to the board’s rigidity. This Hi Fi Rack comes with removable 46mm² solid hardwood legs, and can be made to any length, this allows the hi-fi stand to be built around your system, giving adequate clearance for heat from the equipment this means you can keep adapting and upgrading your rack with longer legs if you change equipment changes.



As your system grows, new tiers can be added at any point.


Standard Sizes


This range is not part of our bespoke range



Handmade from 40mm thickness plinths, manufactured from a range of solid hardwoods such as Solid Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Mahogany.



A range of finishes available, Satin White, Gloss White, Satin Black and Gloss Black.


Ideal for*

Cyrus equipment


*measurements of rack and external measurements of equipment


Weight Capacity

90kg per tier


Leg Length

When selecting the appropriate leg height for your rack, this is the clearance between the two plinths including the spike, but please note that this does not include the thickness of the plinths. Any height available at no extra cost. Standard Heights 65mm 85mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm 250mm 300mm.



Castors are a 65mm high wheel. Selecting the castor option will mean that you will lose the legs on the base level of your rack, with castors manufactured directly into the base plinth. Interchangeable legs with castors are available upon request.



Isolation plinths are available in 22mm or 40mm thickness. If selecting an isolation plinth, this will default to 22mm but can be upgraded to 40mm by contacting our team at info@hifiracks.co.uk or 01572756447. Our 22mm isolation plinths are manufactured from solid oak, so if you have chosen one of our more exotic woods for your rack, please note that the isolation plinth will be a close, but not exact, match in colour with a stain used on the oak. The 40mm isolation plinths will be manufactured from your choice of exotic wood and will match your selected option.


Our products are protected with patents from the Intellectual Property Office, in alignment with the Registered Designs Act 1949.

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